Blog Post Number 1: The Hiccup by Johanna Guentert

Today, or rather for the past couple of days, we have withstood the arduous process of getting to Praha. The nine-hour flight was acceptable; I am accustomed to out-of-country travel because I went to Italy in sixth grade, but never have I endured the amount of exhaustion that came afterwards. After arriving in the Amsterdam airport, we slipped quickly through security and flat-out sprinted to our connecting flight to Prague. Once we got to the gate, the attendants informed us that the pilot was a bit anxious to get off the ground and it was impossible for him (or her) to wait five minutes for 20 of his passengers (probably half the plane) to board. We retreated to the service desk and were told that there was a 12 hour layover until the next flight out of Amsterdam. Our gracious tour guides, instead of subjecting us to utter boredom stuck in an airport, decided to take us via train to the city for some quick tourism. One of the questions we answer in our blog posts is, ‘Did you learn anything interesting’, and yes, yes I did. We experienced one of the more “cultural” sides of Amsterdam, and yet I still seemed like the only one who was at all a little uncomfortable. For Americans, our group blends in pretty well, unless we’re being loud. Or weird. My favorite part of yesterday had to be getting off the train and getting my first glimpse of a real European city. It was at that moment that it hit me that I am not in America anymore, and despite our minor setback we were still all alive and well. The part that surprised me yesterday was when we got these fries with this orange mayonnaise as sauce. I was disappointed that the mayonnaise tasted so American which made it kind of gross in retrospect, but I was so hungry that Catherine and I finished an entire paper cone of the delicacy. One interesting or funny story I can share with you is when we finally boarded our second plane to Prague, Mr. Tallman was sitting next to me and I think I might have experienced the closest I have ever seen him to slap happy. We were all so tired I’m surprised some of us could walk straight and could string together several coherent thoughts. We were making fun of our pilot, because he seemed to be weaving the plane. He would turn one way, and then turn the same amount the other direction right after that. When he made these turns he would flip the plane over nearly perpendicular to the ground so we said he was making barrel rolls. I have never been so closely attached to an airline seat belt in my life. I have also not seen such competent cart-rolling by an airline attendant. Not only did she not once lose her footing, but she also administered several people much-needed drinks and assorted snacks. We are all alive and functioning at nearly full brain power. Until next time, your little Bohemian, Jo. 

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