When One Door Closes by Anna Gronemeyer

If the rest of the trip is anything like today and yesterday were, then this is going to be a crazy and very entertaining week! Travelling is no simple task for anyone, and of course we encountered obstacles along today’s journey. But we were adaptable and had a marvelous day exploring downtown Amsterdam. You know what they say, life is about the journey, not about the destination. Entering Amsterdam, I wasn’t looking forward to the craziness and the crowds of people. I don’t enjoy cities because I think they are too packed-in and there’s just way too much going on, like Chicago. In my opinion not liking cities has completely changed after today. Amsterdam is absolutely extraordinary and unique. There are many forms of transportation like trams (which don’t stop for anyone) and cars (I have never seen so many Mercedes, they zoomed in and out of traffic like nobody’s business!). Even though there are cyclists and trams coming in every direction, there’s almost a rhythm to the madness and I am really surprised that I enjoyed it so much.

My favorite part of the day was walking up and down the street shops, taking in the architecture of the leaning buildings on the river, and I really enjoyed the chaos of today, as crazy at that sounds!

What surprised me the most about Amsterdam was how many people bike to get around. I saw men in suits biking while on business calls, women with bags from the farmer’s markets pedaling down the cobblestone roads. Compared to the US, Amsterdam is very connected and it seemed like a very accessible place to shop, work, and enjoy yourself. Not to mention how active the people of the city are. I even saw old men with white hair blowing in the wind as they pedaled steadily by. 

All in all, today was incredible and exciting. But my favorite part of travelling was racing to and from places to get to the other destination. We ran like mad men, dragging our suitcases behind us, trying to make planes, trams, and buses. We must have looked nuts but I thought it was the funniest and most memorable part of our journey so far.

Bye for now. I’ll Czech ya later!

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