The Real First Day in Prague by Evan Burkett

Today after waking up we walked to a train station to travel to a city called Kutna Hora. In this city we went to a famous cathedral, a silver mine, and a church made of bones. All of these things were very interesting to see in a city that people actually live and go to work in. In the States we don’t have large landmarks in our small towns. There are no famous cathedrals that are well recognized in Michigan City. Today I learned more about the driving in Europe and that it is apparently acceptable to always park on the side walks and drive extremely fast down the side roads. My favorite part was definitely the bone church, there were so many human skulls and other parts. In addition to that the silver mines also were amazing to see. The advanced technology used in them is shocking and rather cool. Being able to explore the caves also definitely added to the coolness of the entire experience. Our first actual day in Prague was a huge success and I am sure the following days will be just as great as we get to explore more of the cities and learn the language and culture.

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