The Journey and Layover by Madison Bratton

Today, after we were rudely shunned from our scheduled flight of which we were there at the exact time it was scheduled, we went on an excursion into Amsterdam. This ended up being more than you would imagine! The moment I stepped out of the train and into the city I fell in love with it! The architecture was breath taking and so extravagant. Many building we passed were definitely Kodak moments for Mr. Tallman and Ms. Ryan! After walking around trying to find activities to fill into a 12 hour time slot we decided to take a water cruise on very comfortable boats (Great for nap time!) On this little tour we learned lot of things about Amsterdam and we even passed the house that Anne Frank was in hiding in for months! Then we eventually made our way to the airport, sat in chairs for hours (no complaints there– everyone’s feet were done!) and an eternity later the plane arrived and we were finally in Prague!
Today was a very observant day, so to learn anything interesting would be from personal investigation of things around you. The most interesting thing i learned would be that the things (blanking on the name) on top of every building- possibly with a hook- was to haul furniture down through the window because they couldn’t bring the furniture in through the house or up the stairs. I saw it as a very efficient tool! Americans should invest in them. Another thing i learned is that you have to pay for everything in Europe, even a public bathroom, which makes me appreciate American customs a little bit more.
My favorite part would have to be quickly scrambling off the train that we werent supposed to be on. I found the chaos quite humorous! And all the natives were giving us very strange loooks but sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!
What was most surprising to me today that is very different from the U.S. is that these people are crazy drivers! If you are in their way they will keep going at full force and its up to you to move or not but they will hit you regardless. Ana and Alexis can attest to this considering Ana got ran over by a bicycle today and Alexis was a hair away from getting mowed over by a Mercedes! But then again there were people who were way zoned out walking in front of trams moving very fast- Jack that’s you! Also God only knows if there’s a speed limit on these streets because the Europeans were fast and seemingly furious!
A multitude of comical scenarios happened today, which is a good sign considering its just the first day and we have many more memories to make! The first I will share is wise ole’ Mr. Tallman leading us onto the wrong train and then quickly evacuating us off. This caused lots of commotion and chaos and resulted in Morgan pushing me down 3 stairs into the poor citizens! and following that Ted running over an innocent little woman trying to get on the train! A personal funny thing that happened was me trying to be all cool and talking to the flight attendant in Czech! (With the few phrases I knew). After lots of confused looks and “whats” I soon realized that she was a DUTCH flight attendant and had no idea the immense effort I was putting into this failed conversation.
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