Here we are!

That is to say in less than twenty four hours, we will all be on our way to Prague, one of the prettiest cities in Europe! Words cannot describe the excitement towards the adventure which awaits us. After last year’s La Lu London trip, my desire to experience Europe exploded. That is to say, it went from mild curiosity to near-obsession.

Since we left Merry Olde England, I have desired to see the rest of Europe in its entirety, starting with Prague. My expectations for this trip are indeed high. After I heard of this opportunity and asked around, literally everyone I questioned told me Prague was the place to be. They all told me that it was a beautiful city with a fascinating history and a rich culture, and everything I’ve heard since has led me to believe them.

I don’t know every detail of what will happen on our trip, but I have to say I couldn’t be more excited. I am overjoyed and thrilled at the opportunity of being allowed to visit this place, and absorb a part of its beauty into my being for the remainder of my life.

In conclusion, I say this: Prague, here I come!

Brett Barnard
Class of 2013

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