Prague Day 2 by Brett Barnard

Hello Everyone!

Here we are again!

After due consideration, I feel I must be modest in my evaluation of today’s events. That is to say, I feel I must make it clear that, in my own personal opinion, the second day of La Lu Prague was EVEN BETTER than its predecessor!

We started off the day with a rather lovely train ride down to an area near Prague where we took the time to view some of the local cathedrals. The one we came around the most was one of the most fascinating and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It was of a Gothic design, located upon a cliff with a fantastic view and reportedly took more than five hundred years to finish! This cathedral, like many others, was complemented with statues of four patron saints, who were placed there as a medieval attempt at protection from the epidemic later identified as the Black Plague. Lunch followed.

While I cannot remember the exact name of WHERE we chose to take our noon meal, there is one thing I do remember: the food was AWESOME! After being provided with a series of options, I made the choice of Hungarian/Czech goulash. Mr. Tallman took the time to make a video of us enjoying our first Czech food, so I, being an occasionally obsessive compulsive slave to conformity, chose to imitate his manner, and make a video of HIM making a video of ME, making a video of him making a video of me, and so on…

We started the afternoon portion of our excursions with a tour of a place that I have wanted to visit ever since I heard about this trip to the Czech Republic: the one and only BONE CHURCH! No, this is not a church MADE of bones, however, this IS a church which has been DECORATED with the bones of victims of the Black Plague. As the church’s ground was holy (it was built on top of dirt brought back from the sight of Christ’s crucifixion), the remains of more than 200,000 people were deposited there, owing to a belief that this would somehow protect the souls of those who had been decimated by the epidemic which was ravaging the land. THIS site, while being somewhat creepy (and possibly haunted) was still amazing, fascinating, and forever memorable!

The “Bone-Church” was followed by “The Descent.” I’m not referring to the 2005 horror film, rather, I am referring to the “descent” that we took into a former silver mine, which has since been excavated and converted into an educational center. While there, we learned the average life expectancy of a miner (35 years) and the hierarchy present within the currency mints of the time. I thought our excursions into the mine itself were truly unforgettable. While our garb did resemble something worn by the KKK, I still found it to be forever enjoyable, incredible, and overall fun! Our guide was perhaps one of the most lovable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

Prague thus far has done NOTHING but amaze me! And I hope it will CONTINUE to do nothing but amaze me as I continue my time here! It’s going to be a guaranteed blast!



Brett Barnard

Class of 2013

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