Prague by Angela Mofield

After a series of unfortunate events that ended with a 30 minute layover, and turned into a twelve hour layover, we were led on a fantastical adventure to Amsterdam. We walked all over the city, seeing everything Amsterdam is famous for.

We saw many of the canals on foot and later rode down the canals on a boat tour of the city. We saw the classic and beautiful architecture from the 1600s, when the Dutch were at the top of their game. Many of the houses are sloping because the city is basically built on water and cannot support the structures. Another interesting part about the buildings is that there is a hook at the top of every building. These are used so that people can move furniture into the upper levels through the windows. Because the builders wanted to get as much money as they could, they built the staircases as small and narrow as possible. While on the boat tour we witnessed a group attempting to lift a table into one of the upper levels.
Another fantastic part was all of the cheese. If you know me, you know I love cheese. We passed several stores that were dedicated to making cheese and only cheese. I only wish I could have bought a big wheel and eaten it all myself. Some interesting food that we tried was french fries and mayonnaise. Apparently, they are a local specialty. We spent the entire afternoon wandering around in a circle trying to find the “genuine” and original french fries and mayonnaise place. They were surprisingly good.  Although, I don’t think that I can stomach a fry covered completely in mayonnaise again.
After spending the day in Amsterdam we finally headed back to the airport to catch our flight to Prague. I have now been awake for a solid 36 hours and this just taught me I never want to pull all-nighters on a regular basis, like ever.
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