LaLu Prague: First Day by Mary Keiley

Today La Lumiere set out for Prague. On arriving to Amsterdam we found out that the transfer flight to Prague left without us and we were stuck there with a twelve hour lay-over. Even though it was a rocky start i think we all pulled through well. As a group we walked around Amsterdam with some purpose of finding fries that we passed at least seven times, but i will admit the fries were delicious. One thing i noticed while in Amsterdam is that people in Europe are not as pedestrian friendly, and the rule of “look both ways” before crossing is used at every ally front and street corner. Secondly everyone dresses really well. Normally on a Monday afternoon, a run out to a shop would be in sweatpants, but in Amsterdam  everyone had a well put together outfit. Even the boys here dress better which is a huge plus. My favorite part of today had to be walking around Amsterdam, taking in how it is much different than the US. The buildings were very close and not tall and all the streets where extremely narrow, and everyone here rides bikes! I have seen car brands i have never heard of before and thought all their different modeling is cool. All the taxis here are luxury class cars such as Audi and Mercedes. One thing i learn today is that the city of Amsterdam  has a huge house boat population that the government put a restriction on so that they can’t make anymore. Even though we did not see very much of Prague we will tomorrow and i am very excited for it!
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