June 3 by Sara Jania

When the day began, no one really knew what we were truly in for. I mean we all just thought that we were going to get on a plane to Amsterdam and then switch over to a plane going to Prague. Pretty simple right? Well no, not really. When we first arrived in Amsterdam after the long seven and a half hour flight, we realized that our plane to Prague was already boarding and we still needed to go through security! So we sprinted our way through security and to the whole other side of the airport. But that didn’t work because we still missed our flight by about 10 minutes… So we then preceded to book ourselves another flight to Prague which happened to be 12 hours away… We all just decided to take a tour of Amsterdam to pass the time which was a fantastic idea. Amsterdam was just so stunning in architecture and the canals were beautiful. My favorite part of the day in Amsterdam had to be the boat tour we went on through the different canals. It was just so neat to be able to go past where Anne Frank and her family hid out during the holocaust on just some casual boat tour. Something different I noticed between Amsterdam and the US is that Amsterdam is just so much more fast paced in everything they do. They walk places fast and bike and drive like maniacs without watching out for anybody! It was really intense to be caught up in all that action, but overall I enjoyed Amsterdam a lot and know everyone else had a great, memorable time too! Can’t wait to see what Prague has to offer tomorrow!!!

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