Circles, We’re Going in Circles by Angela Mofield

We finally made it to Prague last night and then we left again -we went to a town named Kutná Hora. We traveled by train and then walked around the town. Sadly, a lot of Czech Republic has been effected by floods the past few days and you could see that as we were riding the train. This also meant that the subway, or Metro as they call it, was flooded and we had to walk from our hotel to the train station, but it was nothing compared to the walk in Amsterdam yesterday.
Our first stop in Kutná Hora was Saint Barbara’s Church. Building began in 1388 and it was not finished for over 500 years! It was a magnificent church funded by the silver mines located in the city. Which leads me to our next adventure. WE GOT TO GO INTO THE SILVER MINES. It was really  narrow and dark and wet and slimy. The best part was the cool coats and helmets that we had to wear. We looked like deatheaters walking through the streets of Kutná Hora. 
After we went spelunking we visited the bone church. During the plague and religious wars in Czech they just dumped bodies there so there were thousands of bones just buried underground. Then in the 1870s the family that owned the grounds hired a man to arrange the bones. He took that as “decorate every surface you possibly can in bones and build an elaborate chandelier with at least one of every bone in the body.” It was really eerie and I was glad to be out of there, but at the same time it was weirdly fascinating. 
When we were done with the day’s activities we headed back to the hotel for a few hours of downtime before dinner. We went around in some more circles before finding our hotel. We ended the night with a delicious dinner and now I am going to bed.  
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