That’s right. Prague is in the heart of Europe and has one of the richest histories on the continent. The Holy Roman Emperor once called it his home town. The Swedes invaded during the 30 Years War. Many years later the Nazi war machine rolled into the Sudetenland. As soon as Czechs gained liberty from the Germans, the Soviets dropped what the West called The Iron Curtain. Of course we shouldn’t fail to mention Napoleon, Jan Hus, Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Vaclav Havel. We have a lot of stories to tell, and we’ll tell them to you where it happened! Oh, and one more thing, it’s the most beautiful city in Europe if not the world. Paris and Florence give it a run for its money, but Prague has magic all its own.


June 2nd through June 11th.  We want you to get your money’s worth. Never mind the fact that there is so much to do and see. We’ll need a solid eight nights to do all the spectacular things we have planned.


Mr. and Mrs. Tallman will chaperone this trip (Miss Ryan should be joining us as well). It should be noted that Mrs. Tallman was formerly Miss Zahradkova. She hails from the Czech Republic and lived in Prague for about five years while she pursued (and completed!) her Master’s Degree in Linguistic Pedagogy. That works out quite nicely because she’s as good of an interpreter as you’ll find. Mr. Tallman lived in Prague as an expat many moons ago, but in his time there he discovered things the tourists just aren’t privy too! And they got married in Prague, so for them it has a special sentimentality. They can’t wait to show you around.


$2700. Money we don’t spend will kick back once the trip is complete.


To keep it simple, we’ll just post a list of things we have planned. Here’s what we’ve got for now (go ahead and Google these terms): Old Town Square, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Wallenstein Gardens, Old Jewish Quarter, Wenceslas Square, The National Museum, Terezin Concentration Camp, Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora,  Vysehrad 11th Century Castle, Petrin Hill, Strahov Monastery and Library, Opera at the National Theater or Don Giovanni in  the Estates Theater where the great Mozart premiered it to the world!!


Students will update their blog daily to keep moms and dads in the know. They will also receive course credit. Additionally, Mrs. Tallman’s father was a young boy during the Nazi occupation, and spent most of his live under communism. He will join us for dinner one evening to tell stories and answer questions. Students will also be required to memorize ten basic Czech phrases before departing, for example: Dobry den (good day), Diky moc (thank you very much), Prominte (I’m sorry), Na Shledanou (Goodbye), etc…

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

574-222-0058 (Clint Tallman)

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